Finishing the Year by Summing it Up!

This week I asked each of my fifth graders to write their own graduation speech.  We watched a few from Youtube, talked about important parts of a speech, brainstormed some possible themes, and, well, collected all of the tools a speechwriter might need.  Since then it has been writing time.

I’m a bit surprised but also pleased by the enthusiasm.  The students seem to be enjoying the idea of remembering and then summarizing their elementary school years.  I told them that I would love to have a few of them read aloud at their last music concert which is coming up in about four weeks.  All of them will be read aloud in class.  I think it will be a lovely way to share feelings about the big move to middle school.

In the past, I have been the teacher who has been asked to “say a few words” about the graduating fifth graders.  I never minded doing that, but at the same time wondered what the students would say if given the chance.  I’ll admit it.   I am really looking forward to this!

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