I Saw You Feel Sick Today …


sad, watery,

tired, and pained,

revealed the discomfort first.


heavy with ache

bowed low over your desk.


tucked inside your shirt,

seeking warmth.


hunched over,

fighting off the chill,

but instead giving in.


foggy and cluttered,

giving up the struggle

to focus.

And then,

you headed home,


a warm mattress,

 a snuggly blanket,

and a loving parent.

3 thoughts on “I Saw You Feel Sick Today …

  1. Awww….so sad! Such pathetic imagery–I could really picture your children heading home, one by one. Bless their hearts! I hope sickness leaves your room soon!

  2. The arms inside the shirt are always a good or rather, bad sign.
    I was sick a couple of days ago. One of my students wrote about me!

  3. We are in the last week before spring break and this pretty much describes my school perfectly! The teachers are being hit especially hard! Mean stuff!

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