Something inside whispers

Yes… what a good idea.
How warm it always feels
to share a finished
or sometimes just
a mostly finished
piece of writing.

But what to write?
What statement to make?
What vision to share?
What image to shape?

Don’t force it.
Listen for the voice
that’s always there,
always willing to speak.

Be ready to have
a gentle conversation
with your soul,
your heart,
your inner self.

Share the truth
of who you are,
and how you see everything,
and what life feels like to you.

Resist drawing conclusions.
There’s so much beauty in
“what is”.

No one really needs a fancy bow anyway.
Leave your poem unwrapped
give it honestly.

One thought on “Unwrapped

  1. There exists in your poem a gentle beauty regarding the discoveries one might make in the act of writing. The line ‘Listen for the voice.’ is a truism for every writer. Your poem closes with ‘give it honestly.’ Their wisdom and understanding in your words. Your poem resonated with me. It told of your journey as well as mine and many others, I suspect.

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