Bulldog Pi – Pairing My Love of Bullies and My Love of Poems!

Today is Pi Day!  Hippy yippy Pi day!  I love getting creative with the numbers in any sequence, but especially with the numbers in Pi.  I’m no longer teaching math, so I couldn’t give the time to calculating Pi, but I am teaching writing, so we celebrated that way.  We each wrote a poem, and in the same way that syllables are counted when writing Haiku, we counted words on each line to coincide with the sequence of numbers in Pi.  The first line has three words, the second has one, the third line has four words, the fourth has one, the fifth line has five words, and so on.  I wrote the digits of Pi on the board (to about 20 places).  Below is my poem.

Bulldog Pi

Large beautiful eyes,
Inquisitive, curious, always hungry,
Together they fill my heart.
Sumo is distrustful of people, but Fido loves them.
Feeding time …
Sumo chews carefully; Fido furiously swallows.
They slurp water, mouths dripping.
Time for napping …
Heads hanging off the couch.
Sumo on his side; Fido’s feet stick upwards.
I love to caress and kiss their soft heads,
then to give each a belly rub.
Pink tongues hanging out the sides of their mouths.
Are they smiling?
Definitely happy,
Sumo, Fido, me.

If you would like to read some student examples,  here is the link to today’s post on my classroom blog.  Click on any link in the comment section.  http://mbsteven.edublogs.org/2015/03/14/slice-of-life-3-1415/

Happy Pi Day!

One thought on “Bulldog Pi – Pairing My Love of Bullies and My Love of Poems!

  1. What a clever idea for incorporating Pi into poetry. I will definitely be sharing this wonderful idea with other teachers.

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