It Doesn’t Really Matter Where We Are

It doesn’t really matter where we are.

Could be on the couch, feet curled up under so we can be turned and facing each other.  The tv is on, but only for the dogs who seem to need background noise these days.  The sun shines in through the front window shouting its warmth, but as the conversation continues, the shouting turns to murmuring and in the end emits no warmth at all.  Day has become night, yet the conversation has not lost its glow.

Could be at a restaurant, sitting across the table from each other.  The smells of deliciousness bring a smile to both faces. Interrupted only to order food and drinks, the conversation resumes.  The clamor of the eating hour is full at first, but as the conversation continues, the din diminishes and finally it is as if everyone else has disappeared.  And when it is agreed to grab coats and leave, there is the realization that that is exactly what has happened.

Could be in a car, traveling to any of a number of destinations.  Our eyes inspect the road ahead, but the conversation digs deep into our hearts.  Every once in a while the scenery triggers a new avenue of conversation, much like the road map that guides us.

Could be on the phone, distance between us, but not between our hearts and souls.  Each focusing less on their immediate environment and more on the voice at the other end that brings an immediate familiar coziness to the conversation.

It doesn’t really matter where we are.  Our conversations empty us and fill us all at once.  Out come the moments that are so little and minor, things that don’t seem relevant to any other conversation with anyone else. Out come the reactions to daily interactions with co-workers and friends.  Out come the insecure feelings and the struggles to maintain a level of positivity. Out come the frustrations of failing at personal goals.

And as the load is lightened, it is also filled.  It is filled beyond what one might expect.  It is filled with feelings of acceptance, importance, relevancy, and most importantly a deeply rooted glorious acknowledgement of unconditional love.  What seems like endless blathering to others is as necessary as breathing to us.  We emerge recharged and comfortable, ready to take on another day.  It’s a mother daughter thing.  Amazing.

6 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Really Matter Where We Are

  1. Oh how I love this post. At first, I felt envious that you had this type of conversation with your husband or partner. At the end, I had an “Of course” moment. It’s the mother daughter thing…amazing.

  2. “Our conversations empty us and fill us all at once”- this is the type of conversation that sustains us. I love this post- I was so caught up in your writing I was sad when it was over. You could have described every conversation situation ever and I would keep reading. 🙂

  3. I agree with Kim K. I could have read more of this. Such a beautiful tribute to the love you and your daughter share.

  4. I love the end of this! The mother daughter thing is such a sacred bond. I only hope to have that same type of relationship when my little girl is older. I really liked the repetitive start to your lines. Kept a nice flow.

  5. Oh, how perfectly you captured it. Lightening and filling. It really is as necessary as breathing. You brought tears to my eyes. And now I’m inspired to write.

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