The Frog Thing

I often get asked the same question over and over.  “So when did you get into the frog thing?”

Well, it all started with a special pair of earrings that I bought while on vacation.  They were silver and, well, frog shaped.  I received so many compliments on them, that I started looking for another pair of “frog” earrings.  As will happen with collections begun innocently enough like this, the proverbial snowball rolled forth and we are where we are today.  My classroom, my home and my garden decor are all hopping with frog happiness.

My students know exactly what I will like as a gift.  And I love the smiles that accompany the stuffed frogs, or even better, the handmade frogs I have received over the years.  I have received several made of clay, one from toilet paper rolls, and even one painted on a rock which was then glued onto a paper plate that was painted to resemble a lily pad.  A gift you had fun making because of who it was for is the best kind of gift to receive!  The faces and hugs tell it all.


A while ago I repainted my kitchen walls.  I used a sponge and a mix of colors to create a faux brick look.  I couldn’t resist adding two fake windows and of course the frogs from David Wiesner’s book ‘Tuesday’.  My daughter drew them in pencil and I painted them.  What fun we had!

My favorite part about being known for liking everything frog?  People will stop me to say, “I saw the cutest frog thing yesterday, and I thought of you.”  Yes.  Think of me.  I’m alright with that.

One thought on “The Frog Thing

  1. It is very endearing to be thought of in that way. I always enjoy visiting classrooms where a teacher’s favorite thing is clearly visible: pigs, owls, etc. It’s the sign of a vibrant personality.

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